Secrets of the game in helix jump

Like any software product, this application has some errors and bugs. It is possible that in the near future they will be corrected (if not already fixed at the time of publication this article).

  • If you understand that you can lose, just fold the game and then expand it. All processes occur on the phone locally, and not on the server. This trick will help you after switching on the game just pass it.
  • There is an opportunity to get free crystals that are used to buy boosters and skins. Initially, you need to purchase the minimum amount of crystals, then re-initiate the purchase, but do not continue it, at this time you do not need to choose a payment method, just close the transaction. Reboot the game and then on your “crystal” account will be an addition.
  • If you bother advertising, at the time of delay, click on it many times. After such manipulations, the advertisement will count the deletions as invalid and add your IP address to the blacklist (spam-list), after that the display of advertising materials will be suspended.

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