How many levels in helix jump

When you playing this game, you always think: “At what level I am? How many are left to the finish? How many levels in general?” In fact, new levels are generated automatically, where each new level is harder than the previous one. As a result, you can reach the moment when the passage will be unbearable.

In the game, there are special yellow platforms. These platforms will appear after some time at regular intervals, notifying the user about a new more complex level of the game.

At a certain stage, you can see the inversion of the game space (control works the other way around), this is not a game error, but an element of increasing complexity.

At the moment, a certain number of levels is not revealed, most likely there is no limit so that you can compete with friends and beat other people’s records.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the video, where the user reached 139 levels.

Video demonstration:

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